Manukau Harbour Public Clean-up Day 2018

To celebrate the end of Seaweek 2018, LYC headed back to the Manukau Harbour, to follow on from the success of 2016 and 2017’s campaigns.
With 386 kilometres of coastline, attempting to clean up the Manukau Harbour — Aotearoa/New Zealand’s second largest
– is a massive task!

We had hundreds of volunteers come & join us, picking up litres of rubbish out of the harbour.

The amazing Sustainable Coastlines interns, Dani & Mel who helped run the clean up
and did a steeler job.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped run the clean up stations around the harbour.

Hundreds of bottle caps & straws picked up by our awesome volunteers.

A common sight was finding thousands of broken up plastic, some so small it was impossible to pick up.
But small enough for fish life to eat mistaking for food.

One small section filled with hundreds of plastic bits and pieces.
90% all single use plastic!

We had amazing young people come through out the day.
With so much energy and passion.

Plastic never goes away.
It just breaks down, meaning it becomes even harder to remove from the environment.
Some plastic looks exactly like fish eggs.
Which bird life and marine life cannot tell the difference from food resulting in
millions of sea life & bird life are poisoned by swallowing these types of plastic!

Educating the younger generation how plastic ends up in the environment

Huge thanks to
Friends of the Farm
Who have volunteer each year running a station for us.

Big shout out to
Phoenix drinks
For all their incredible support and providing drinks for everyone after hours of cleaning up.

To everyone volunteer who came out, we couldn’t do it without you!

If you would like to know more about Sustainable Coastlines or to be involved check them out –

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