Goodtrust Trip To Cambodia

Good Trust is a New Zealand charity founded in 2009 by James Grafas and Andrew Nicol.
They started Good Trust to give New Zealanders new and creative ways to engage in helping people in developing countries.
Good Trust mostly raises money through initiatives like Good Coffee
where people can just buy great fair-trade organic coffee and have every coffee fund water in Cambodia.
James and Andrew both have day jobs as part of the team at Agoge, a social business in NZ that provides recruitment and HR.
Much of Good Trusts funding comes through grants from Agoge.
When starting Good Trust James and Andrew were convinced on one thing,
if anyone ever asked ‘how much of my money will actually go to the projects overseas?’, the answer would be -All of it!
For that reason Good Trust is a
100% charity,
every dollar given in donations goes directly to projects with no deduction for admin.’

In 2016 Good Trust raised $115,000 to bring water to over 10,000 people in an area of Cambodia called Thma Puok, in the province of Beanteay Meanchey.
As part of this project they partnered with Art and Matilda and ran a competition for a trip to Cambodia with them.
After a couple of delays this trip finally took place in February 2018, visiting projects funded by the 2016/17 campaign
Joining Good Trust Founders James and Andrew on this trip were their families, NZ celebs Art & Matilda, Good Coffee Roasters Jeff and Carrie Evans and of course me (Priscilla)

The Kingdom of Cambodia is an incredible country full of colour & culture, rooted so deep in history.

The remork-moto (tuk tuk) is the main form of transport around town.
An adventure in itself!

Exploring around Seim Reap

Small fish nibbling on our dry skin!

Hello sir… Hello Madam, you want to buy? You want t-shirt? You want hat?
You buy? You buy? 🙂

A Dark side of the history of Cambodia
The Khmer Rouge, under the Marxist leader Pol Pot, in power from 1975-79, caused the deaths of up to two million people – one of the worst mass killings in the 20th century. They forced millions of Cambodians from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside.
Entire families died from overwork, starvation, disease, and execution. Doctors, teachers and anyone just wearing glasses were killed.
The legacy of wiping out the entire educated class is felt till today.
We visited one, of the many Killing Fields around Cambodia.
Walking around and listening to the stories was emotional and humbling experience!


Hundreds of people were killed & thrown in huge graves at once.
Even now many years later after raining season- bones continue to surface from the graves.
The killing fields!

Why we are here…
Good Trust funds projects through implementation partners on the ground in Cambodia.
They have funded projects through Charity Water, Clear Cambodia and at present Samaritans Purse.
These partners put forward proposals to Good Trust and Good Trust works to raise funds to meet these needs.
We had Wayne from Samarians Purse (right hand side) take us around some villages and schools to see first hand
where the funds went into.
And see the positive effects it has on the people.

Samarians Purse showing us first hand, how simple & effected these filters are.

The filters can turn undrinkable pond water into clean drinkable water!

As well as community, home based water projects Good Trust funds school water projects, latrines and hand washing stations.

Without a solution at school only half of the problem is solved, helping schools move forward with water, sanitation and teaching resources enables development that can lead to incredible educational outcomes.
In one school we visited graduation from primary to intermediate had increased from around 30% to 100%!

The Samarians Purse staff and teachers we met along the way, had so much love & passion for their community & country!

Play time with the students!

We had the chance to explore the famous Angkor Wat & other breath taking temples around Siem Reap.

Visiting Kompong Khleang- The largest floating village in Siem Reap province, was a mind blowing experience!

During the dry season when the lake is low, the buildings in the villages seem to soar atop their 6-meter stilts
exposed by the lack of water.
At this time of year many of the villagers move out onto the lake and build temporary houses.
In the wet season when water level rises, the villagers move back to their permanent houses on the floodplain.

Fishing is their main income

Visiting Cambodia was an incredible adventure!
Learning about their culture & history was an amazing experience.
This is truly one amazing country.

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Jeff & Carrie
Excelso Coffee Roasters

Every child should have the right to clean drinking water!
If you’d like to make a donation now, and change lives in Cambodia through Good.Trust water projects, you can do that by clicking here.

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